7 Gift Giving Tips Guaranteed To Help You Choose A Gift That Will Be Appreciated

It seems as though gift giving is a year long activity. There are birthdays, Holidays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, baptisms, Valentine’s day, thank you gifts, office parties, farewells; you name it, there’s probably an occasion where you are expected to show up with a gift of some sort.

Now with so many year long occasions, sooner or later many people find themselves mystified, baffled, stumped or at a complete loss for gift giving ideas since you seem to have given every gift on one occasion or another, and you may have even given the same type of gift more than once! But no need to fret or fear for there are some gift giving tips guaranteed to help you chose a gift that will be appreciated.

Tip 1; you can only go with the typical, generic types of gifts for so long. Sure when new items, products or commodities come on the market with acclaim, it’s fun to try them out as gifts. But after a while it gets boring to get the same thing everyone and their mother got too. Try taking the road less traveled to the store or mall or antique shop and look for something that isn’t mass produced, or something that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Tip 2; time to start putting a little more effort into your gift choosing pursuits. We all have issues with time these days. Everyone’s either complaining that the day is too long or that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But if you really want to get a gift that would be truly appreciated by that special someone, then you have to do your homework. Ask simple questions like, “who’s you favorite actor of all times?” or “which country or place you definitely want to visit?” But besides asking subtle questions, to which you may get straightforward answers, try observing the person to whom you intend to give a gift that will be appreciated. Take mental notes of his or her movie and music collection, they colours he or she wears most often, the types of books that he/she reads, the kind of sports he or she loves. By doing some investigating of your own, without having discussed such things in previous conversations, you are showing your special person that, apart from the gift, you really do take an interest and you actually put some thought into getting the gift as opposed to just picking up one of the most advertised gift items as seen on TV.

Tip 3; customize gifts. You can put a little extra thought into a present by simply adding something sentimental to it. This is guaranteed to make any gift a truly appreciated present. Customizing jewelry for instance can turn an ordinary ring or necklace into an heirloom, a thing to be treasured. Engravings on rings, locket type necklaces with treasured photos or earrings made of the birthstone of that special person. Gifts that may seem conventional can be transformed into an invaluable sentimental treasure that will be infinitely appreciated with a little customizing.

Tip 4; recognize the value of appropriateness. This simply means that you always bear in mind the occasion at hand and the person you are getting a gift for. For instance, it’s your mom’s 70th birthday and your present to her is a black silk dress with a plunging neck line. Maybe in her earlier years, but at 70, you may want to consider something that is more age and occasion appropriate. Likewise you shouldn’t show up on Valentine’s day with a toaster.

Tip 5; always remember that the gift you are intending to give to someone else is a gift for them, not a gift for them and by extension, for you. This is particularly useful to bear in mind when buying gifts for family members. For instance, you gave your mom a Juicing Machine since you’ve decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, or you gave your sister an outfit that you can’t wait to borrow the next day. People appreciate gifts when the gift makes them feel like it’s especially for them. Don’t buy presents that would benefit you more than it would the person who you are buying for.

Tip 6; in addition to tip five, one of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing gifts for people is that the buyer of the gift often buys the things that appeal to him or her and not the things that might appeal to the person receiving the gift. For instance you get your friend an olive green jacket because you liked it, when your friend looks like the walking dead in anything olive green. If the person you are choosing a gift item for and you do not know any specifics about them, it’s better to buy a ‘neutral gift’ like a gift basket or a desktop pen and paperweight set, rather than buying a gift that you liked. They’ll surely appreciate it. The true spirit of giving is consideration for other people’s needs, wants, likes and dislikes, not yours.

Tip 7; Money is no option, and it really doesn’t have to be. Remember that the idea behind giving someone a gift is not necessarily the gift itself, but the feelings and thoughts that manifested itself into something tangible. Your gift does not have to be Wall Street expensive, Paris designer made or jewels made for Royalty. While it is nice to receive something expensive and extravagant, it is worth remembering that people can experience the same feelings of joy, pride and appreciation from a gift made with your own two hands, or something inexpensive that came sincerely from your heart.

Solve Your Gift Giving Headaches With Wish Lists and Gift Organizers

Let’s face it, not everyone likes buying gifts. Many people
dread the idea of going out and finding appropriate gifts for
the people on their list. For many it is a daunting task, no
matter what the occasion or type of gifts you’re choosing
— birthday gifts, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, corporate
gifts, anniversary gifts, or the mother of all gifts:
Christmas Gifts.

Gift-giving does come with a lot of pressures, Will the gift be
suitable? Will the receiver like the gift? Is the gift
appropriate for the occasion? Is the gift too expensive?
Or too cheap?

Finding the right gift for a family member, a co-worker, a
boss or a loved one can sometimes be a harrowing experience.
One loaded with mishaps and pitfalls at every turn; it is
not an easy or pleasant job in most cases. Choose the
wrong gift and you can land yourself in a lot of hot water
or cause embarrassment for all concerned.

Certain occasions or seasons compound the problem by multiplying
the number of people we have to get gifts for. A wedding is one
occasion that quickly comes to mind, especially for the bride
and groom or their families… it is a happy occasion celebrated
by gift giving from numerous parties. Those invited, have to
bring a gift for the bride and groom, the lucky couple has to
get gifts for the bridesmaids, best man, flower children…

One way many couples have solved the problem of gift giving is
opening up a registered list with a popular store or business.
Relatives and friends can check this registry list and buy
something for the happy couple and then scratch their gift
off the list. Complex problem, simple solution.

The creation of a wish list can solve many of the problems of
unwanted or duplicate gifts. It is an ideal solution and have
become very popular just for that reason. It also takes a lot
of stress off the gift-givers, assuring them their gift is
appropriate and will be appreciated.

The idea of a wish list is carried over into another one of
our special occasions: Christmas. Basically a simple ‘Letter
to Santa’ is a child’s wish list telling a parent what they
want for Christmas or from Santa.

It is basically the same creature as the wedding registry,
more or less. Basically, your child’s Santa’s wish list does
solve your gift giving problem. Follow your child’s wish list
and you will certainly have a more Peaceful Holiday Season.
Of course, prudent parents always limit the number of items,
telling them even Santa has share out his gifts evenly with
all the boys and girls!

For older children, one solution would be to use an online
Wish List through a site like Amazon or other websites
and have family members give a gift from this wish list.
Amazon also has a handy online Gift Organizer that anyone
can use to keep track of all your gift giving chores.
Again, a simple solution to all your gift-giving woes and

For those running a business, large or small, finding
appropriate gifts for all your employees can be a major
task. Again, setting up some kind of wish list and letting
your employees choose their own gift from an arranged list
can solve many of the tricky issues of gift giving in the
corporate world.

Regardless of who you’re giving a gift to or the occasion,
it is always a good practice to organize all your gift
giving in some way. Whether it is making a registry gift
list for the happy bride and groom, a Santa’s list or letter
for the excited child or an online wish list for an older
teen or employee, organizing your gift giving process will
solve a lot of your problems.

By using a simple wish list and a gift organizer you can
take control of your gift giving and proceed in an orderly
manner. These handy tools will be especially appreciated on
hectic occasions like weddings and the Christmas Holidays.
They make it easier for you to look forward to your next
celebration or festive season without too much worry or stress.
They put the joy back into gift giving.

Handy Corporate Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a hectic time for companies. For those
businesses in the retail trade it can prove to be your busiest
time of the year with last minute orders, handling customers,
hammering out holiday work schedules and meeting shipping
deadlines. Finding the time to celebrate and the time to
choose the best corporate gifts for your company can be
a major chore.

Compounding the problem are all the social and family
obligations your staff and workforce have to attend to
at this time of the year. Fitting everything into this
busy schedule can be a daunting task even for the most
efficient boss or employee. Despite these concerns, most
companies throw a staff party or celebration and give
their employees small gifts of appreciation for all
the hard work done throughout the year.

Most companies and CEOs know good company morale is
priceless. They know a steady and happy workforce does
make for a more productive and profitable company, no
matter what business or industry you’re pursuing. Therefore,
choosing appropriate gifts for your employees or boss
should be given some due consideration.

There are several ways to make the job of selecting the
appropriate employee gift or boss gift a whole lot easier.
A quick rundown of your options may spark some gift ideas
for your own company.

Know Your Workers

First, you must know your workers, know what they like to do
in their spare time — their interests or hobbies. Finding a
common activity that all employees part take could make the
selection of one common gift that much easier.

Likewise, connecting your corporate gift with a company
activity or event would include everyone in the process.
Commemorating some recent company achievement or milestone
in a gift would make your employees feel appreciated and
rewarded. We all need those little pats on the back.

Personalize Your Corporate Gifts

It has been said, the sweetest word in the world is always
your own name. So personalize your corporate business
gifts with your company logo and the name of the receiver.
Personalizing your corporate gifts make them much more
memorable and more cherished. These days, almost any material
or object can now be personalized with laser engraving.

Company Wish Lists or Registry

Large companies may consider setting up a corporate wish list
of items with a good reputable gift company or merchant, then
letting the employees choose their own gift from this list.
Online gift sites and the Internet make this a very easy and
practical venture to carry out.

Gift Certificates

Along those same lines, gift certificates are still a very
practical way to handle a large number of employees. It may
not be too exciting but gift certificates are still a fair
and honest way to reward your workers. Seek out a reputable
company and ask for a package deal or bargain on some gift
certificates, you may be pleasantly surprised at the
response. Business is business.

Corporate Gift Baskets

Another old standard or solution to any business gift
giving dilemma is the corporate gift basket. Always
appropriate and welcomed, the gift basket is another
good choice especially at the last minute for those
who always procrastinate.

Corporate Wine Gifts

Similar to the gift basket, a gift of wine is always
another good choice. Quality wine products can now be
easily ordered and shipped online at many excellent
wine shops and businesses.

Go For Something Trendy

If you find the gift ideas mentioned above too predictable
or boring, why not choose something a little more trendy.
New electronic gadgets are always the rage, try giving the
latest iPods, Blackberries or PDAs to your workers; many of
these gifts also will serve a practical purpose in your
company or organization.

Corporate Gift Organizer

Handling gifts for a large number of employees can be a
daunting task. One simple solution is to use an online
gift organizer like the one offered by — you
can organize and order all your corporate gifts from one

Use The Internet

Keep in mind, many top of the line gift shops and quality
merchants now operate online stores and outlets. These
stores will personalize your corporate gifts with your
logos and details, many will even gift-wrap and ship
your gifts free of charge on large volume orders. For
this holiday season or for any occasion where you need
gifts delivered quickly to your business, remember to
shop online first, the solution to all your gift giving
woes and worries may only be a click away.

The Appropriate Baby Showers Gifts

What is an appropriate baby shower gift?

Almost all baby shower gifts are appreciated as long as they are not offensive, embarrassing or insulting to the “mommy-to-be” or hostess. That fact alone should remove much of the anxiety associated with shopping for the appropriate baby shower gift. An appropriate baby shower gift is a gift that is suitable for the particular person and the particular occasion. If you focus on usefulness and avoid offence your chance of finding the appropriate gift is very good.

History behind baby shower gifts

Some believe the baby shower gift giving goes as far back as the first baby shower. However, it is difficult to find a date when the first baby shower gift was given. Research indicates the “showering” of the “Mommy-to-be has been popular in many countries for hundreds of years. Many sources say the baby shower originated as far back as the late eighteen hundreds. These sources say it received its name from the “showering” of gifts on the mother-to-be.

In the beginning, the baby shower was a tea party given for the “Mommy-to-be” and only women would attend. These parties were normally given after the baby was born because pregnant women did not appear in public. The baby shower gift was very practical and handmade: article of clothing, blankets, and food items. Except for the silver given by the grandmother.

Originally the baby shower was given for the first baby of the “mommy-to-be.” Tradition has changed that to all babies since all are considered a miracles and deserve the same treatment as the first.

In recent years baby showers often occur before the baby is born. Because of the new technology the health and gender of the baby is not so much a mystery as before. So, showers are held early in preparation for the new baby’s arrival without the worry of buying an inappropriate baby shower gift.

What makes the baby shower gift appropriate

Knowing something about the family and what their needs are in regards to caring for the new arrival as well as their lifestyle will narrow down the search for the appropriate gift. The appropriate baby shower gift is one that will be appreciated, in keeping with the lifestyle of the parent, useful in caring for the baby immediately or in the future. If the parent has a baby shower registry, the choice of a gift can be make easier by simply choosing a gift on the list not purchased yet.

Age appropriate is normally a consideration when giving a gift to a child. However, for the baby shower it is appropriate to give gifts to be used at a later age or gift that will covers a wide age range. With toys, we recommend you go with three years old and under to avoid parts small enough for the baby to swallow.

Some gifts may fit the lifestyle of the parent more than others. For example: If the parent like hiking you might consider a carriage that is convenient for taking baby on hikes or if the parent is a runner you might consider a jogging stroller.

Following these few simple rules will make you a hit at any baby shower.

Some things to consider when choosing a baby shower gift

At the start only women were invited to baby showers, but today these celebrations can include father, grandfather, and any male family members. Therefore, any one can find themselves shopping for the appropriate baby shower gift.

Historically, the grandparent would give a gift of silver as a small amount of inheritance for the child. Some grandparent still give the gift of silver today. Others grandparent have expanded the idea of a inherence to include saving accounts, saving bonds and stock certificates. In some places it is still traditional for the grandmother to make a baby blanket or small quilt for the baby. These are still appropriate baby shower gifts.

Most of the times those invited to the baby shower will not be grandparent and will be looking for other appropriate gifts. Understanding the appropriate gift is suitable for the particular person and the particular occasion, is usefulness and does not offend, you will find the following meet the requirement as appropriate baby shower gifts:

1. Any item from the baby shower gift registry not already purchased. You don’t have to get the item from the selected store.

2. Disposable Diapers and baby wipes- Diapers are expensive, and babies use them quickly, so new parents always appreciate a gift of diapers.

3. Baby Clothes-Baby clothes in larger sizes will likely be used more. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, a gift certificate is a welcome baby shower gift, allowing the parents to choose an outfit after baby arrives.

4. Books and DVD – Buying Books, DVDs and Music-Help boost baby’s brainpower by choosing a classic baby book, educational DVD.

5. Baby Toys – You can buy baby toys made for older babies for use later in baby’s life, but stick with toys for ages 3 and under to avoid the possibility of the baby choaking on the small parts. Your gift can be used for a longer time if its for a wider age range.

6. Lifestyle Gifts for Parents and Babies — If you want to give a baby shower gift that’s out of the ordinary, consider the parents’ lifestyle. (Ex. Joggers, Bikers).

7. Gift Baskets – Gift baskets make a wonderful keepsake gift and contains many of the essentials necessary for the new bundle of joy.

8. Baby Blankets – Infants quickly become attached to their security baby blankets. It will bring much joy to your baby.

9. Gift Certificates- For busy new parents, gift certificates can make it easy to pick up last-minute items that were forgotten in the preparations for baby’s arrival. Gift certificates also give parents-to-be a way to purchase a special item that they really wanted but didn’t receive at the baby shower. Baby shower gift certificates don’t have to be just for baby products, either. New parents might enjoy gift certificates for dinner delivery, movie rentals, house cleaning, massage, day spas or cloth diaper service. (Ex. gift certificates online).

Successful baby shower giving

Don’t offend or embarrass the new mom or the hostess and most any gift will be appreciated. To be thoughtful and give what is needed or what the parent wants most, follow the guidelines in this article. Selecting what the parent will appreciate and need is the secret to successful baby shower giving.

10 Tips to Maximize the Success of Your Holiday Business Gift-Giving

Your business holiday gift, if sent in a thoughtful manner, can be a subtle but effective marketing tool to solidify business relationships and let your clients know they are valued.

Tip #1: Know YOUR company’s gift-giving policy as well as your CLIENT’S gift policy before sending a gift.

Many companies have a formal or informal policy of “No Gifts” for a variety of reasons. These clients usually include government agencies, government contactors, and businesses that purchase items through a bidding process.

TIP #2: Plan early in the FALL by updating your business contact mailing list and finding your gift suppliers.

Avoid the holiday rush by giving your (updated) mailing list as early as possible to your supplier, specifying the date you want your gift mailed. Most suppliers will allow some changes to the mailing list up to a week before the mailing date.

TIP #3: Mail your business gift early, preferably immediately after Thanksgiving.

Food or wine gifts will be especially appreciated if mailed early, as they can be used for holiday entertaining.

TIP #4: Personalize your business holiday gift with a note. Personalize gift with the recipient’s name.

Most gift companies will send a personalized note with the gift. Your note should mention a word of appreciation, an accomplishment by the client, or a task you’ve accomplished together during the year. For example, “Enjoyed working on X project with you this year. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

A nice pen, a letter opener or a portfolio engraved with the recipient’s name will be appreciated for many years. And the recipient will remember the sender each time he uses the gift.

TIP #5: Downplay any corporate logo on business holiday gifts.

Corporate logos, while a great way to promote your company, should be discreetly printed or engraved on holiday business gifts, so as not to be construed as over-selling. Remember that beautiful photo frame you very much wanted to display in your home…but it screamed Company X? If it is a thoughtful gift, you client will remember who gave it, long after the holidays.

TIP #6: Give a business gift that reflects the individual’s interest ONLY if you are certain it will be appreciated.

If the recipient is a golf enthusiast, a personalized golf item will be valued. An expensive bottle of wine makes for a great gift if the recipient is a wine connoisseur. Send a culture-specific gift only if you know the client well and know that the gift will be welcome and appreciated.

TIP #7: For a safe bet, stay with the most popular business gifts.

Gifts that can be consumed or used during the holidays are always welcome – your client can never have “too many” of these. They include: food gifts, snack gifts, wine, fruit gifts, serving trays, etc.
With logoed or personalized gift items, desk accessories are usually the most appropriate (calendars, calculators, paperweights, memory cards, pen sets, mugs, photo frames, clocks, etc.).

TIP #8: Avoid extremely high value gift items or any personal gifts that may potentially cause discomfort to the recipient.

A gift with a high “perceived” value tells the recipient he/she is valued and appreciated. This does not necessary translate into an expensive gift. A very expensive gift may be construed as bribery. Keep individual gifts under $200 (group gifts may exceed that amount). If the gift is bulky, consider mailing it to the home.

With personal gifts, visualize the gift being opened in the presence of the entire office. Do not send a gift, which could be a source of embarrassment, ridicule or discomfort to the recipient. Avoid gender-specific gifts, jewelry, personal clothing, and perfume.

TIP #9: Be sure your group gift is one that can be shared by the entire group.

A large gift basket or snack tower, with a variety of food items, makes an ideal group gift. If you know the number of individuals in the office, a box of umbrellas, travel mugs, or nice key chains can be sent to the office for distribution.

TIP #10: Take advantage of other opportunities throughout the year to recognize a client.

Remember, like you, they are human and will remember those who share their happy times, accomplishments, milestones, and low times. While these opportunities can be recognized with a gift, a greeting card with a hand-written note of acknowledgement or encouragement will be equally appreciated. Remember the old saying…it’s the thought that counts…and will be remembered!

Recognition Opportunities:

– New job/new assignment
– Promotion
– Retirement
– Business anniversary
– Launch of new product
– Completion of a project
– Receipt of a significant award
– Birthday
– Marriage
– Birth/adoption of a child
– Family illness
– Death of a family member

BONUS TIP: If you are a recipient of a business gift…acknowledge the gift immediately.

Call the sender or send an e-mail as soon as you receive a holiday gift. Many gift senders wonder if the gift is lost in the mail or if the company responsible for sending the gift actually sent it. A sincere “Thank you so much for the X gift. It was very thoughtful of you” is sufficient. However, mention something specific about the gift (“The atmosphere at my home felt a little like Christmas morning when the kids tore open the package and saw all the goodies inside!”), and you may just become the sender’s favorite client. If it is a personal gift, which reflects an interest or hobby (or was very expensive), call immediately, but follow with a hand-written note immediately after the holidays to recognize the extra effort of the sender. Any business gift received during the rest of the year should be acknowledged with a phone call as well as a thank you note.

A business gift does NOT have to be reciprocated. Again a gracious “thank you” is all that is required.

If you receive a business gift and your company has a “no-gift” policy, simply return the gift with a note saying, “Thank you for the gift. Unfortunately, I must return the gift, as our company has a No Gift policy. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

Gifts Gift Ideas, Flowers, Gift Baskets

Business Thank You Etiquette

Business etiquette is a very important factor in business today.The following suggestions may help you when acknowledging a compliment or a gift, or when you are extending a thank you to someone for a job well done.

Saying “please” and “thank you” are not empty gestures. When you say “thank you,” you are showing appreciation and displaying confidence.

Receiving compliments graciously should not be hard to do. The trick is to simply say, “thank you” to the colleague, supervisor or client who has complimented you on a job well done.

How do you say thank you after a business breakfast, lunch or dinner? Of course, give an immediate verbal thank you to your host, and then follow up with a note of thanks. Even if you communicate frequently by email a quick, hand-written note is a much more personal and much under used method of conveying extra thanks.

If a co-worker or business associate refers a client to you, thank them for their assistance. A short note will let them know how much you appreciate their collegiality. And they are more likely to refer to you again.

If you have pulled a meeting together with speakers or special guests, make sure to write a thank you to each immediately after the event. Keep a small supply of thank you cards in your desk drawer to make this kind of follow-up quick and easy.There are many events in the corporate world for which gifts are a necessity. When a company shows its appreciation for employees, clients, suppliers, and any other group of people who help to make them the success they are….

Client Appreciation

Travel/Conference Comforts

New Contact Introduction

Company Growth


Closing the Deal

Thank You

Customized Marketing Tools

What Are Gifts and Incentives?

It’s very important to realize that corporate gifts are not promotional items. Gifts and incentives are totally different from promotional items given out at trade shows.
Corporate gifts are given to clients with whom you have an ongoing working relationship. They can also be given to your employees to recognize outstanding performance or for personal achievements such as a promotion or birthday.

Please note that sales incentives also differ from gifts. They recognize employees who reach certain goals and employees work to achieve these goals in order to get the incentive. Incentives range in value and type but are usually more extravagant than corporate gifts.

When To Buy For Clients

We usually think of the holiday season as the time when businesses give corporate gifts to their clients. So why don’t you make yourself stand out from the crowd by giving gifts in the off season. There’s no gift giving protocol that requires you to send gifts only in the holiday season.

For example, think about giving a gift to celebrate the completion of a big project you’ve worked on with your client. Or how about recognizing a special event? Did your client just open a new office? Gifts are a great way to say “congratulations.”

While there are many appropriate times to give gifts – there are also times when you absolutely should NOT give a gift. For example, giving a gift during a bidding process could be seen as bribery.

When To Buy For Employees As with clients, holidays are a popular time to buy for employees. It’s a good way to say “thanks for a great year” and the best time to give an annual bonus.

You can also recognize personal achievements, like birthdays, promotions, and the birth of a child with gifts. Small gifts are appropriate and always appreciated.

When considering incentives there are many choices. We often consider sales incentives, but you may also want to consider rewarding a marketing team who creates a great campaign or technical team who works over to get you up and running ahead of schedule. Consider gifts like fruit of the month clubs

Gifts For Clients

After you decide when to give, the question now is what to give. And here you have so many options.

Food gift baskets are a very popular and cost-effective choice. Gourmet gift baskets are sure to please everyone and you can choose from gift baskets ranging in price from $ 20.00 to over $ 100.00 . Popular non-food gifts that are also fairly inexpensive include flowers, and office items.

Whatever you give, if possible try to make it relevant to your client. Think back to your conversations with your client. Did they mention a special hobby or interest? If the gift coincides with a hobby, the gift will be even more appreciated.

For example, if your client mentioned they love fishing, a simple book on fishing would be perfect.

Then make it even more personal by adding their name and a short thank you on the inside cover.

I personally don’t suggest charitable donations … some clients could find this offensive

Gifts For Employees

Plaques and trophies are always a great way to recognize a special achievement your employee makes. They’re personal and can be displayed wherever the employee chooses.

Bonuses are a good idea for employees. The idea may seem impersonal, but you can be sure money will be well received. It can be given as a year-end gift, or as an incentive.

Of course, an incentive doesn’t have to be money; it can be a holiday, or even a car. Remember that the bigger the incentive, the harder your employees will work for it.

Gift Etiquette

The most important rule, with both employees and clients, is to not offend! And that doesn’t just mean not giving a gourmet gift basket with pork to your Jewish client. There are many other ways to offend that you really should make sure to avoid.

Find out if your clients company has a gift giving policy. This is very easy to do by calling the business and ask the receptionist or HR department. Do you know if your own company has a policy, you should also check it out before choosing a gift for your employees or workmates.

Very extravagant corporate gifts (not incentives) are considered inappropriate in most cases. Not only can they appear as bribery with clients, they can make the recipient feel uncomfortable (especially if they want to return a gift).

If you would like to deliver the gift in person this is fine but it is a good idea not to wait around while they open it. If you’ve sent the gift through the mail, don’t ask the recipient if they’ve received it. The best idea is to call the vendor.

How Much Should You Pay?

You needn’t spend a lot to make a good impression with your clients or employees.

It’s very common for businesses to spend less than $50 total for each client gift. It’s also a good idea to tailor each gift to specific clients ( if you can )- you may also want to spend more on clients that do more business with you.

Monetary gifts for employees are at your discretion and can be a set amount or a percentage of the employee’s salary.

If you’re a small business and considering an incentive program, big ticket items are out of the question. Instead, consider awarding day trips to somewhere close by like an amusement park for the family, or leisure-oriented items such as theatre tickets, a day at a spa, or a night at a hotel.

Even if you are on a small budget, you can still give gifts and incentives. You just need to be creative. There may well be some creative and crafty people within your organization who will be happy to help you out with ideas or the actual gifts.

With all of the choices out there, gifts and incentives are within any budget. And just think — gift-giving and incentive programs are not just a sign of generosity; they are a very important part of maintaining positive and healthy relationships with your clients and employees alike.

Romantic Gift Baskets – The Perfect Gift Just Because

Are you in a relationship? If you are, you may buy gifts for your partner for special occasions, like your anniversary, or for special holidays, like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but have you ever given a gift just because? Just because gifts are some of the best, romantic gifts to receive. If you have yet to give your romantic partner a just because gift, you may want to think about doing so and the perfect gift to give is a romantic gift basket.

When it comes to giving a romantic gift basket as a just because gift, there are many who wonder what is so nice about giving a gift just because, for no reason at all. In all honesty, men often ask this question. For many men, a gift is just a gift, but to women, especially those who are in a relationship, a gift is more than just a gift. By giving a romantic gift basket, or even another gift, for no reason at all, you are showing your romantic partner that you care about him or her and that you do so at all times, not just on special occasions. A romantic gift, like a romantic gift basket, is sure to bring a smile to the face of your partner.

Although it is nice to know that just because gifts are nice for those in romantic relationships and that romantic gift baskets are the perfect types of gifts to give, you may be wondering what type of gift basket you can buy. If this is your first time trying to buy a romantic gift basket for your special someone, you may not necessarily know that romantic gift baskets come in a number of different formats. When choosing a romantic gift basket, it is best if you keep the recipient in mind.

If your romantic gift basket recipient is a woman, you may want to think about getting a gift basket that is designed for women. These types of gift baskets are often ones that promote beauty, health, and relaxation. Perfect romantic gift baskets for women are often ones that are filled with home spa products, health and beauty products, or aromatherapy products. While you may be able to find romantic gift baskets that come in number of different formats, basket wise, you may want to think about keeping it simple and going with a traditional wicker basket.

If your romantic gift basket is intended for a man, you may be a little bit unsure about buying them a gift basket, but you don’t have to be. There are actually gift baskets out there that are designed for men. As previously mentioned, a large number of gift baskets come in wicker basket format, but did you know that is not all that you can find? Some of the gift baskets that are designed for men come in shaped gift baskets or in gift tins. It is not uncommon to find gift baskets that are shaped like golf balls, footballs, or ones that have other sports themes. As for the contents, you may be able to find gift baskets with themed contents, like sports, but you may also want to go with a traditional, casual candy gift basket.

Buying a romantic gift basket for your partner, no matter if your partner is male or female, is the perfect just because gift. It may sound a little bit silly, but you have no idea what a just because gift could do for you and your relationship; it may actually send it to new levels.

Corporate Gifts – The “Business” and Etiquette of Appropriate Gifting

The term Corporate Gifts is a term used very loosely in the business world and its interpretation is used differently by many users. It means different things to different people and is an umbrella word for many different reasons, people, and occasions.

Corporate Gifts

  • Thank You Gifts for Colleagues and Clients
  • Motivational Gifts for Employees
  • Gift Baskets
  • Recognition Gifts for Employees
  • Retention of Business Clients
  • New Client Acquisition
  • Brand Awareness
  • Premiums Incentives and Incentive Programs
  • Christmas Holiday Gifts for Clients
  • Promotional Products
  • Trade Show Giveaways
  • Advertising Specialties
  • Award Programs
  • Service and Safety Awards
  • Pillow Gifts Speaker Gifts
  • Executive Gifts
  • Business Gifts
  • Awards

It is important to determine what your strategy is and to have a clear understanding of your goals associated with your gift or program. There are also rough guidelines and a few gifting hints that should be followed. Gift giving should never be construed as a bribe but as a token of appreciation or an incentive reward.

Considerations: Logo or No Logo – The decision to put your company logo on a product is a personal one. Everyone enjoys seeing their logo on products, but not every recipient appreciates it. Depending on the situation, a logo may not be appropriate. Sometimes it is better to save the logo merchandise for less expensive giveaways such as plastic pens, mugs, key chains and calendars. Of course this is a personal preference and many businesses and corporations like to leave their name in front of their customers. One item that is a discreet venue to advertise your logo is on leather portfolios. Your logo is normally debossed on the cover and in many cases some people will go a step further and personalize with the recipients initials. If you have selected an item that makes a lasting impression, there is no need to put your logo on the gift, they will remember you by the gift itself.

How Much To Spend – First thing to consider is your business relationship. You want to ensure that you give an appropriate gift in the appropriate price range. In many industries gifting can not exceed $25. Shop for Gifts Under $25. You would want to check your specific guidelines. In addition there are tax limits on the dollar amount of gift certificates and gift cards that can be presented to employees.* You never want your gift to appear as a bribe. In many cases a more expensive gift is appropriate, such as a retirement gift. Your personal situation and budget will dictate how much you should spend. Whether it is a promotional item for advertising purposes or a trade show giveaway, or a recognition gift or corporate awards for achievement, always be sure you know your spending limits.

What To Give – After you have determined your purpose for gift giving and the budget, your next challenge is WHAT? Depending on the occasion and the situation there are many options available. You never want to give anything too personal, but something with thought is always appreciated. Maybe you know a golfer who would love to get a golf gift or the wine lover who needs a new wine aerator or wine accessory?

Board of Directors /Speaker Gifts /Visiting Dignitaries – More traditional gifts are usually appropriate for this situation. Anything that is an executive gift will usually fit the bill. Leather Pad Holders, Desk Clocks, and Fine Writing Instruments are places to start for traditional type gifts. Another consideration for Global industries are items with a Global and World Theme. Items in this category show your commitment and recognition of your global connection.

Gift for Employees – There is a wide selection when purchasing for your employees. Employee Gifts can range from desk items for administrative employees, to passport holders for traveling employees. You might even want to consider fun gifts for your employees that are outdoor fun games, or picnic baskets. Of course something for the desk is always the conservative and traditional approach.

Gift For the Boss – The number one recommendation here is, do not do it alone! You are best to buy a gift with your co-workers. A gift from a sole employee might construe a bribe to your boss or make you stick out from the other employees in a negative way to both your boss and co-workers. You might have good intentions, but really assess your relationship with your boss before you give a gift without your co-workers.

Advertising / Branding – There are so many items to choose from in this category that it would literally take a year to see all that is available. In order to narrow down your search for Promotional Products that will be suit your needs, here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Set Your Budget and Quantity
  2. Define the Purpose of Giveaways
  3. How Many Colors is Your Logo – What type of product will enhance your logo
  4. How will you distribute? – In person, mail, tradeshow
  5. What industry are you in?
  6. Who is Your End User?

Case Study:Advertising and Branding for ABC Healthy and Yummy Dog Food exhibiting at a tradeshow

  1. Budget and Quantity – Less than $.50 each. Quantity 2500
  2. Purpose – Branding and Advertising
  3. One Color Logo – Black
  4. Distribute – Trade Show to Suppliers
  5. Pet Food Industry
  6. End User – Pet Store Owners

Recommendation – Yellow plastic lid covers to match the can of dog food. The lid to be imprinted in black highlighting logo. Easy to ship or carry to tradeshow (mailers not necessary) Hand distribute to trade show attendees. This is a reusable giveaway that will make a lasting impact on the recipients. Thought was given to industry, promotion, and use.

SUMMARY As you probably have deduced, selecting corporate gifts is not an exact science. The most important factors are determining your budget, audience, and goals. Try to be creative, but don’t stress over finding the “perfect” gift. Your recipients will be appreciative of anything you give them. * Always check with your financial /tax advisor for all tax and gift giving limitations. We are not experts in this field, and do not warrantee or guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Since 1999 has been a leading provider of corporate gifts and business gifts for professionals. is also an ASI distributor (Advertising Specialties Institute) – the highly regarded entity of the corporate business gift profession. Being ASI allows the ability to offer thousands of advertising specialties and promotional products in addition to highly regarded brand names and unique products.

Wedding Gift Giving – FAQ and Answers Too

Over time, our visitors, both Invitees and Marrying Couples, have asked many questions regarding Wedding Gift Giving

This article is formatted as Questions and answers.
A-wedding Day hopes that they will help answer some of your questions. If not, please feel free to Email us your questions.Please note that
Q stands for Question

S stands for Statement

A stands for Answer


Q. I am invited to a wedding. The invitation arrived and with it a wish list and store registries where the bride and groom entered the items they want to receive.

S. I do not plan to attend. Do I need to send a gift?
A. You do not have to, but it is a nice gesture to send a gift whether or not you plan to attend.

Q. Do I have to give an item chosen by the bride and groom?
A. No! While it is nice to help the couple acquire items they have chosen, a unique gift can be just as and even more welcomed.

Q. Do I have to purchase from one of their bridal registries?
A. No. You may shop anywhere, though the bridal registries will inform you of which items have already been purchased.

Q. Can I purchase a gift for the wedding itself rather than for the future?
A. Absolutely! Providing the bride and groom receive it in time for the wedding. In fact it is a good idea because just about any gift used at the wedding will become a cherished keepsake.

Q. What would make a memorable gift for the wedding?
Any item personalized with the bride and groom’s first names and wedding date such as: Toasting Flutes, Cake Servers, Unity Candles, etc…
One, a few or even an entire collection of Wedding Accessories such as: Toasting Flutes, Cake Servers, Unity Candles, Guest Books and matching pens, Garters, Ring Bearer Pillow, hankies, caketops etc… But DO NOT make it a surprise gift. Consult with the bride and groom to assure that they do not have these items yet. If not, find out if they plan a theme wedding and purchase accordingly or better yet, let THEM CHOOSE the items.Shopping online is your most convenient way to acquire unique gifts which may not be available in stores.
Ideas: Personalized wedding gifts, personalized candles, etc… When you shop on line, a click of the mouse or a phone call from your home or office, allows you to purchase, gift wrap, enclose a personalized gift card and ship a gift to directly to the couple.

Q. Should I bring my gift to the wedding site?
A. Preferably not!
Most wedding sites do not provide security. Thus, Gifts can easily be damaged or misplaced or, sad to say taken. The bride and groom are much too busy and excited to worry about gathering up gifts. Thus, some gifts could easily be left behind.

Q. How do I make sure that the bride and groom receive my gift?
A. Send the gift to the Bride’s address, grooms address or the address on the RSVP envelope that came with the wedding invitation.


S. We plan to give each other gifts at the wedding. What is the best time to do so?
A. Gift exchange between brides and grooms has become rather popular. The best time for brides and grooms to exchange gifts is at the ceremony, as soon as they are no longer bride and groom. That is immediately following the officiant presenting the new Mr. and Mrs. but after lighting the Unity Candle.

Q. What kinds of gifts will be appropriate?
A. Give each other gifts that are keepsakes. Personalized gifts and jewelry top the list.

S. As a blending family, we plan to acknowledge our kids as part of our union. We would like to give them special gifts at the wedding.

Q. What is the best time to do so?
A. This is a wonderful way to welcome your kids into the new family creatid by your union.
The best time for you to give your kids a gift is at the ceremony immediately following your gift exchange, or immediately after your rings exchange and vows. This is especially appropriate if you plan to include the kids in your vows and, if age appropriate, in lighting the Unity Candle.

Q. What kinds of gifts will be appropriate?
Here a piece of jewelry such as the family unity jewelry (pendants, rings, lapel pins/tie clips etc…) will be a perfect gift.

Q. Are there specific etiquetes regarding giving gifts to our wedding party and family?
S. We need some ideas of gifts of appreciation to our bestman, maid of honor, bridesmaids, ushers, groomsmen, parents grand parents flower girl and ring bearer (boy).
A. Gifts, their cost and whether you should give everyone the same gift is at your discresion. But since you asked, we’ll provide you with some ideas.


Gifts for Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers

A. The most appropriate gifts will be keepsake mementos.
The mothers and the maid of Honor generally receive gift of greater value than the bridesmaids, but this is not mandatory.
Gifts personalized with either their names, title (mother, maid of honor etc…), or bride and groom’s name and wedding date serve as both thank you and keepsake mementos.
Ideas: Personalized candles, frames or photo albums to later add your wedding pictures to, jewelry, some part of their wedding attire, toasting flutes or mugs, jewelry boxes, key chains, clocks, make-up kits, crystal or silver vases, crystal bowls, collectibles etc…
Pampering gifts Ideas:bath oils, gift baskets, candles, a day at a spa etc…


Gifts for Best Man, Groomsmen/Ushers, fathers, grandfathers

A. Here too the most appropriate gifts will be keepsake mementos.
The fathers and the best man generally receive gifts of greater value than the Groomsmen/Ushers, but this is not mandatory.
Ideas: Personalized candles, frames or photo albums to later add your wedding pictures to, beer mugs or pilsners, toasting flutes, drinks shakers, can cooler koozies, money clips, travel cases, wood jewelry boxes, unique items reflecting their individual interests, bar sets, desk clocks, business card holders, key chains, pocket watches, Swiss Army products, high quality pens/pen sets.


A. Wedding mementos including a special album, picture frames and video/cd of your wedding are most appreciated by parents. They will display them and re-live your happy day every time they look at your wedding pictures.


Ideas: Here your gift such as a coloring book set, or books about being a flower girl or ring bearer may will depend on the age of the child. However, long lasting gifts can be given to a child of any age. Ideas: Jewlry, jewelry box, silver bank, a framed photo of him/her with you on your wedding day, something relating to the child’s interest, a stuffed animal etc…


S. It has become customary to gift your wedding guests with wedding favors to thank them for helping you celebrate your big day.
Actually, favors should be multi-purpose.
ideas: Insert place cards in Small frames, Insert place cards in silver holders, order personalized pens and have each guest keep the pen after signing your guest book, place a dessert (Candy, nuts, cake, etc..) in a keepsake container, etc… Assign one of your attendants to announce that these are Thank you souvineers from the bride and groom.

S. We plan to give our guests memento thank you gifts.

Q. Should we also send them Thank-You notes?
A. Absolutely! Each guests gave you a gift personally. Most guests put thought into what to get and purchased, wrapped and delivered it to you on or before your wedding.
You must acknowledge their efforts individually with a Thank-You note.

S. We have a large wedding party. By the time we add both sets of parents, grandparents and a few other relatives, we come up with more than 10 men and more than 10 women. We are on a budget. Giving each a large gift is prohibitive but we do not want to give “cheapy” gifts.

Q. Can you help?
A. We hope so! You must consider your budget when choosing your gifts but you do not necessarily have to pass up gifts you like. Always remember that a little creativity and thoughtfulness can go a long way. If you are creative you can put together gifts from the heart. Write or draw someting special and place it in a frame. find small items that will be appreciated by a sports enthusiast, stamp collectors, a gardening buffs, etc… and make little gift baskets. Your thoughtfullness will be appreciated by the recipients.
Otherwise, choose two gifts – one for the men and one for women – and buy them in bulk. Many retailers will give you a price break based on quantity – IF YOU ASK THEM TO.
This will help keep your costs down and save you time too.
If you shop on-line Email a note to the online vendors asking if they can give you a break for buying X number of the same item. They may not offer it but some may consider doing so when requested. We at A-wedding Day do.
S. Be aware that because of the way internet shopping carts are set up, the discount will not show up on your online confirmation. The vendor will have to deduct the discount when charging your credit card and will need to email you the amount actually charged. It should reflect your cost after the price reduction.

Q. When is the best time to present our thank you gifts to our parents, grandparents and wedding attendants?
A. You may do so at the rehearsal dinner because of the intimate setting with your family and closest friends. Or, you may choose to present each in a private setting where you can express your gratitude to each participant individually.

In Pursuit Of The Ideal Gift

The Recipient:

Sex, age, race/culture (e.g. ensure you are aware of any cultural insensitivities prior to your search for the ideal gift), and your relationship to the recipient are all important factors to be considered. The hobbies/leisure interests, needs and wants often serve as a good starting point. As there remains considerable variety in the type or theme of gifts it is important to ascertain such early in the search e.g. adrenalin activity gifts such as sky diving, V8 Super Car Racing, relaxation / pamper gifts, spa gifts or traditional keepsake gifts.

Also the number of people you are buying for will factor quite highly in your considerations check-list e.g. numerous Xmas presents for the masses may be replaced with unique gift involving group activity e.g. Off road go-karting (V8 buggies).

The Occasion :

Etiquette may feature in certain occasions e.g. Wedding Anniversaries, Wedding gift registries, Valentines Day gifts (e.g. colour of roses has different connotations):
red for romance, yellow for friendship and joy, purple indicating that you fell in love at first sight, and orange for desire. Nowadays the Valentines Gifts have been extended to include diamonds in various forms to symbolize that your love will last forever.
Birthday Gifts may take the form of traditional, personal gifts of birthstones or birth flowers e.g. March birthstone is aquamarine or bloodstone, signifying wisdom, and the birth flower Jonquil. An alternative to the stress of organising a birthday party may be in the form of an activity gift e.g. young teenager’s gift of group laser skirmish.

Mothers Day:

Considerable traditional variation exists both on the day of celebration and on the gift. In Britain it is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent; the traditional gift is a fruit cake. Spain celebrates Mothers Day on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and France on 25th May, the traditional French gift being a cake in the shape of flowers being presented at the family dinner.
International Mothers Day is celebrated on 11th May (Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, and USA). The traditional gift in the USA is a bouquet of white carnations (representing deceased mothers) and pink carnations (representing living mothers). The Australian traditional gift is the chrysanthemum.

Corporate gifts:

Are becoming more popular especially as motivators, appreciators and to promote good will not only amongst the employees, but also as customer / client builders. Gifts are often given to clients as deal closers. Indeed, there are many team building activity gifts that are taking the corporate world by storm. Activity gifts, be it a relaxation pamper gift, or a high adrenalin thrill seeking gift make for a refreshing change from the traditional company logo embossed ‘memorabilia’ and also portray an element of uniqueness and thought behind the gift giving gesture.

The Gift :

Be it an unusual, unique gift or gadget, an activity gift (adrenalin thrill seeking or relaxation / pamper gift), we must consider the aim / intention behind the act of gift giving e.g. educational, a “thank you for your hard work”, or just merely to fulfill the recipients dream gift wish. The time of year and location may also be applicable especially in activity gifts and choosing floral bouquets which may well be subject to availability.

AS with all gifts, presentation is important for the ‘wow’ factor, as is the recipient’s perceived value of the ideal gift.

Purchasers Factors:

Value: Careful selection of one unique, quality present is far better strategy than bulk, lesser value gifts. “One gift creates appreciation, many gifts create expectation.” (Author: Tony Bright).
Budget: This must be set quite high on the priority list, unless a syndicate is an option if you have found the ideal gift but funds are limited.

Ease of ordering and any return polices must be considered.

Internet nowadays has taken a major hold in searching for both gift ideas, ease of ordering, and payment. No need to take a frustrating, time consuming trip to your local shopping centre and fight with traffic and parking spots. Further there are no pushy sales folk to contend with when online shopping.

Online shopping frees your time to browse any time of day or night…the true 24/7 shop!

In stock / availability of the ideal gift… an important factor with many popular / en vogue gifts.

Delivery can be organized to be either direct to your door or the recipients, many online gift companies provide gift wrapping services. Shipping / delivery costs and time
Quality and Value for money.

The quest for hunting down the ideal gift can prove both time consuming and frustrating. Many people wander aimlessly around shopping centers in search of inspiration. The internet is often the best option for refining such searches, and can also serve as a base for price comparison. Also remember ingenuity and the pleasure in giving and receiving far outweighs the matching dollar for dollar in gift exchange exercises.

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